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Welcome to Robots Alive

We are young and vibrant team of individuals who are working towards being in the forefront of the robotics revolution! We specialize in design and development of robotic and automation technologies for Industry, Education and Consumer Markets.
Do take a look at the videos below to get an understanding of what we do!

Pick & Pack

This hybrid (motorized + pneumatic) robot packs delicate sachets of shampoo and stacks them inside a cardboard box. Shampoo sachets are not very easily handled by robots due to possibility of bursting the packets if the robot is not controlled.

System Integration

The demonstration integrates our 6 axis Robot, web camera and a 3rd party "Lego" Gripper to seamlessly execute a Vision guided Pick and place application. Here we are able to synchronize the communication among 3 different sub-systems in real time.

Vision Guided Pick & Place

Our very first 5 axis robot system. The demonstration integrates a web camera to guide the robot and identify between round and square objects. This is a demo of an industrial sorting application.

Our Technology Solutions

There are many processes in your industry where traditional automation solutions do not exist or commercially not viable to implement. In such cases, specific engineered solutions need to be applied.

From the initial understanding of the process in question as well as realizing the operational and commercial constraints, Robots Alive is able to deliver you an end to end solution including

  • Design Concepts
  • Prototyping
  • Test Runs
  • Solution Deployment
  • Handover


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